Attorney Michał Zientek

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Attorney Stefan Zientek

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Attorney Stefan Zientek :

Age group 1954, legal studiess in U.ŚL. in Katowice 1973-1977, the judicial application 1977-1979, judge examination IX 1979, from XI.1985 to I 1988 the worker in RJGW in Jastrzębie zdrój , from II 1988 the legal counsellor in KWK Żory, from 1.IX.1988 r. member of The former attorney team No. 2 in Racibórz - attorney; from VII 1990 r. practician within the individual attorney office [to the present moment].

Detailed c.v - look "Who is Who in the Poland" Extradition IV replenished from 2005 r (side 4540/4541)

Adwokat Michał Zientek :

age group 1977, legal studiess U.Śl. in Katowice, attorney application from 2003 to 2006 under the Stefan Zientka patronage, from IX 2006 r. the independent, individual attorney practice. The acquaintance of languages ran: English and German [with the regard of legal and legal nomenclature], Italian on the basic level. Professional preferences: economic matters, legal persons service, penal and civil matters. Look: the range of the services of the team of the office.